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Brian Doerksen

“I am anticipating a great gathering in Trachselwald in September. I was raised in a Mennonite Brethren church (one of the Anabaptist churches in Canada); and I can trace my roots back through the early 1800’s in the Russian Mennonite colonies; from both sides of my family, they all were Anabaptists (as are my wife’s family roots). In addition, my uncle spent his life training leaders in Switzerland at a Anabaptist Bible School, so I have current family connections in Switzerland as well.

When I received the invitation to come to this event . . . I knew I was meant to be there, even though I am already coming to Europe early in the year; this event felt too special to miss and so I am thrilled to join with believers once more in Europe on this historical ground to remember what has happened in the past, and more importantly, to experience God moving once more in Europe.”

Paul Veraguth
Brass & Band
François Bosshard
Tinu Schwitzerhof and Band
Jackie Leuenberger
Mark Fels
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